2024 WestEd IES SBIR Proposal Partnerships

WestEd is excited to serve as the research partner to small businesses bidding on SBIR proposals. We offer expertise on creating research plans that provide valuable feedback during the development cycle and meet funder requirements for evidence of usability, feasibility, fidelity, and promise.

We have extensive experience conducting research for small businesses and entrepreneurs in the education technology sector. From 2013-2023, WestEd has served as the research partner for 60+ successful Phase I, Phase II, and FastTrack proposals from the Department of Education (IES), National Science Foundation, and National Institutes of Health.

Our EdTech Partnerships reports showcase recent WestEd SBIR partnerships and the projects' key findings and impacts on promoting success for every learner.

I'm interested in applying to the SBIRs. What are my next steps?

The request for proposals for the 2024 IES SBIR Phase IA/IB competitions are due January 18, 2024 at 11:00 AM ET. The Phase II request for proposals are due March 5, 2024 at 11:00 AM ET.

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I'm interested in partnering with WestEd. How is the work divided between WestEd and my small business?

As the research partner (subcontractor) to small businesses, WestEd will:
  • Conduct all research studies for the project (if proposal is funded)
    • For Phase I: Formative research that demonstrated the usability and feasibility of the product
    • For Phase II or FastTrack: Pilot studies that demonstrate evidence of promise, in addition to formative research
  • Contribute written sections of the proposal including:
    • Research plan narrative that addresses usability and feasibility (Phase I) and/or fidelity and evidence of promise (Phase II) RFP requirements
    • Human Subjects Narrative and IRB documentation(through WestEd’s internal IRB)
    • Subcontractor supplemental documents including:
      • Subcontractor budget and justification
      • Bios of WestEd staff experts and related certification documents
  • Provide helpful resources for proposal planning and development including:
    • “Quick sheets” to aid the small business in writing the proposal and understanding proposal requirements
    • Logic model development resources
    • Templates for supplemental documents
The small business will:
  • Engage WestEd as the research partner (subcontractor) if funded (33% of the total proposal amount, as allowed by the RFP)
  • Write all sections of the proposal other than the research plan including:
    • Proposal narrative and commercialization plan
    • Preparing all supplementary documents
    • Securing letters of agreement and letters of support
  • Provide WestEd with a full draft of the narrative one week before the deadline to enableWestEd to provide feedback
  • Submit the proposal on time and in compliance with all requirements
  • Provide WestEd with the full submitted proposal and all reviews (whether successful or unsuccessful)